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Online Advertising Market in India (2018-2023)

Online Advertising Market in India (2018-2023)

Market insights:
The online advertising sector in India has been flourishing, lately, owing to the increase in the number of 4G connections and smartphones, time spent on mobile phones, and subsequent spends on digital advertising by companies operating in the automotive, food and beverages, and e-commerce industries. In India, the five types of content used in online advertising are – social media, search, display, video, and classifieds. As of 2017, majority of the online advertising activities were done through social media (~28%). The online advertising market in India is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~34.43% during the 2018-2023 period, to reach a value of INR 457.34 Bn by 2023. The proliferation of video content, transformation in payment mechanism, and voice-based interactions are expected to help in further growth of this market.

Industry-wise digital advertising segment insights:
Based on the amount spent by different market players operating in various industries in India, it is observed that all major sectors like e-commerce, telecom, consumer durables, media and entertainment, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), automotive, and retail have had similar share of investments on online advertising. This implies that the level of acceptance of the benefits of online advertising has been high across miscellaneous business sectors in India.

Key growth drivers of the market:
o Government initiatives like ‘Digital India’, has led to an increase in digital consumption across the country. Through online advertising, the e-players can promote their products on social media, and search engines, thereby converting virtual media into a marketplace.
o In India, consumers mostly prefer videos and music in the entertainment category. Consumption of digital video has increased from ~48% in 2016 to ~55% in 2017, which implies a positive impact on spending on video advertisements.

Key deterrents to the growth of the market:
o Issues of internet connectivity and low broadband penetration are still prevalent in India, mainly in rural areas. Also, the digital video businesses in India face problems due to the high input costs, thus hampering the growth of online advertising in the country.
o In India, digital content is mostly delivered in English, and does not appeal to a considerable section of the society, which seeks vernacular content. This acts as a deterrent to the growth of digital media as an advertising platform in comparison to TV or radio.

Companies covered:

o Adglobal360 India Private Limited
o DDB Mudra Private Limited
o Grey Worldwide (India) Private Limited
o Interactive Avenues Marketing Solutions Private Limited
o Komli Media India Private Limited
o Madison Communications Private limited
o McCann Erickson India Private Limited
o Ozone Media Solutions Private Limited
o Pinstorm Technologies Private Limited
o SVG Media Private Limited

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Chapter 1: Executive summary

Chapter 2: Socio-economic indicators

Chapter 3: Introduction
3.1. India online advertising market - definition
3.2. India advertising market - classification

Chapter 4: Online advertising market in India
4.1. Market overview
4.2. Market size and growth forecast - value-wise (2017-2023e)
4.3. Porter’s five forces analysis

Chapter 5: Online advertising market in India segmentation
5.1. Type-wise segmentation (percentage split) [2017]
o Social media
o Search
o Display
o Video
o Classified
5.2. Industry-wise digital advertising spends (percentage split) [2017]
o E-commerce
o Telecom
o Consumer durables
o Automotive
o Others

5.3. Media-wise digital advertising spends across industry verticals (2017)
o Display
o Video
o Search
o Classified
o Social media
5.4. Transition to digital from traditional advertising methods – year-wise (2016, 2017 and 2020e)

Chapter 6: Key growth drivers of the market

Chapter 7: Key deterrents to the growth of the market

Chapter 8: Competitive landscape
8.1. Adglobal360 India Private Limited
o Corporate information
o Business description
o Products and services
o Key people
o Financial snapshot (total income, net profit/loss)
o Key ratios
o Business segments, geographical segments

*Note: Similar information areas will be covered for the remaining competitors

8.2. DDB Mudra Private Limited
8.3. Grey Worldwide (India) Private Limited
8.4. Interactive Avenues Marketing Solutions Private Limited
8.5. Komli Media India Private Limited
8.6. Madison Communications Private limited
8.7. McCann Erickson India Private Limited
8.8. Ozone Media Solutions Private Limited
8.9. Pinstorm Technologies Private Limited
8.10. SVG Media Private Limited

Chapter 9: Recent developments

1. Research methodology
2. About Research On Global Markets

Report Title: Online Advertising Market in India (2018-2023)

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