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Surgical Suture Market in India 2023

Surgical Suture Market in India 2023

Market insights:
In the healthcare sector, the use of surgical sutures is a necessary since they are required for the closure of the wound or incision. Surgical sutures are used in a broad range of surgeries such as orthopaedic, urology, GI, CVD, and many other wound closure procedures. Additionally, surgical sutures are used in a wide range of therapeutic applications, from aiding in the closing of incisions in general surgery to complicated CVDs. Furthermore, innovation in the surgical sutures market such as the use of automated suture-assist devices helps in faster suturing and knot-tying time compared with traditional suturing time, thus reducing the operating time.

Impact of COVID-19:
The pandemic has had ramifications for ways of working, surgical techniques, open vs minimally invasive, theatre workflow, patient and staff safety, training and education. With guidelines specific to each specialty being implemented and followed, surgeons should be able to continue to provide safe and effective care to their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The surgical equipment sector is heterogeneous, exhibiting wide variations in terms of demographics, consumer behavior, and price sensitivity. The decline in inflow of patients with chronic illnesses affected the revenue stream from regular in-house interventions such as non-invasive surgeries, chemotherapy, dialysis, and blood transfusion.

Despite initial setbacks due to the crisis during the second and third wave of COVID-19, the industry is expected to transform into the post-pandemic era. Implementation of a regulatory framework and clinical establishment acts to address concerns regarding inconsistency in prices of non-invasive surgeries, and quality assurance and management is expected to fuel the market’s growth. Also, improved surgical awareness among patients with chronic ailments is also expected to increase in the upcoming years.

Market influencers:
The rising incidence and prevalence of cardiovascular diseases is expected to aid the growth of suture market in India. Moreover, favourable reimbursement policies improve treatment accessibility which also aids in the market's growth. Therefore, cardiovascular disease's growing incidence and prevalence will drive the global cardiac sutures market's growth.
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Executive Summary

Chapter 2: Socio-economic indicators

Chapter 3: Introduction
3.1. Market definition and structure
3.1.1. Types of sutures (Based on polymer materials)

Chapter 4: Global surgical sutures market ─ An overview
4.1. Global surgical sutures market – An overview
4.1.1. Market size and growth forecast (FY 2021 – 2027e)

Chapter 5: Surgical sutures market in India ─ An overview
5.1. Surgical Sutures market in India – An overview
5.1.1. Market size and growth forecast (FY 2021 – FY 2027e)

Chapter 6: Market segmentation
6.1. Impact of COVID-19
6.1.1. Impact on key operational metrics
6.1.2. Impact on pricing
6.1.3. Impact on operations
6.1.4. Changes ahead

Chapter 7: Trade analysis
7.1. Trade analysis
7.1.1. Export
- Value-wise
- Volume-wise
- Country-wise
7.1.2. Import
- Value-wise
- Volume-wise
- Country-wise

Chapter 8: Government initiatives
8.1. Government initiatives

Chapter 9: Market influencers
9.1. Market drivers
9.2. Market challenges

Chapter 10: Market trends
10.1. Market trends

Chapter 11: Growth opportunities
11.1. Growth opportunities

Chapter 12: Competitive landscape
12.1. Centenial Surgical Suture Limited
- Company information
- Business description
- Products/Services
- Key people
- Financial snapshot
- Key ratios
- Key financial performance indicators
- Key business segments
- Key geographical segments
Note: Financial information has been covered only for public companies.
12.2. B. Braun Medical (India) Private Limited
12.3. Boston Scientific (India) Private Limited
12.4. Futura Surgicare Private Limited
12.5. Johnson and Johnson (India) Private Limited
12.6. Medtronic (India) Private Limited
12.7. Orion Sutures (India) Private Limited
12.8. Unisur Lifecare Private Limited
12.9. DemeTECH Corporation.
12.10. Conmed Corporation

Chapter 13: Recent developments
13.1. Recent developments

Chapter 14: Appendix
14.1. Research methodology
14.2. About Netscribes
14.3. Disclaimer

Report Title: Surgical Suture Market in India 2023

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