K-12, Educating India with the Best

Oct 21,2019 | Education

No industry has been left untouched by the growing technology, as it also enhances the educational system of K-12. The K-12 education involves more teacher-student communication. K-12 (Kindergarten and 12) is defined as the summing up of primary and secondary education. It covers the years from kindergarten through 12th grade, including primary, secondary, high-school and pre-university.

With the revolutionary impact many new modes of education has also been initiated, such as eLearning, Open Course Ware (OCW), Part Time Education, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) etc. However the K-12 educational model is well recognized in the US, Canada, South Korea, Turkey, Philippines, Australia, and now is gaining momentum in India, as well. The Indian education system has made a significant progress in the recent years by holding an important place in the global education industry. The system has helped change the way students learn; teachers teach as well as improve learning techniques. India has one of the largest and complex education systems in the world. The K-12 market in India stood at US$ 1.53 million in 2018 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 0.29% to reach US$ 1.55 million by 2024 on account of increasing number of private schools pursuing high demand for quality education. Moreover, government initiatives to improve the quality of education and FDI in educational sector are further steering the growth in India K-12 market. Digital learning modules such as e-learning and m-learning have also revolutionized the segment over the past few years. Government initiatives to modernize the sector have also gained ground with private players and entrepreneurs undertaking investments to strengthen their position in India K-12 market. Some of the initiatives taken are establishing Eklavya schools for the scheduled caste and tribal students, revitalizing infrastructure and providing financial aid, introducing Prime Minister Fellowship schemes for better research programs etc. A recent report by Bharatbook has been found useful in providing answers to several critical questions that are important for the industry stakeholders such as Government/Public Schools, Private Schools, and Industry experts. It also provides insights about which market segments on the basis of curriculum (such as State boards, CBSE, ICSCE and others) should be targeted over the coming years to strategize investments and capitalize on the growth of the market segment.  To get more insights, please visit India K-12 Market.